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Whether we need quality hand skills, or the latest 3D printing and milling technology we'll provide you with authentic looking and reliable props that will help sell the shot. No project too large or too small.

Concept Development 

If you're starting with a rough concept we'll take it the rest of the way for you. We'll work through visuals and models until you see what you envisioned or better. We use the very latest design and visualization software.


If you have a detailed concept we'll build it exactly as you want it. We'll give you something to look at so that you can see it and feel it. This stage will give us the opportunity to tweak and get it perfect. 




Need something you think nobody will have? Try us. If we can't find it we'll make it.

Featured Project

Handworks skillsets

• metal fabrication / waterjet / welding    • wood / clay / stone carving

• frame construction / wood working / cabinet making    • painting / finishing        

• leatherwork / textile sewing / costuming    • mold making / investing and casting  

Cad and Machine skillsets

• concept / visual design    • digital monitor visuals / HUD design    • 3D modelling    

• CNC / multi axis milling / 3D printing    • small and large output printing  


concept design, waterjet, fabrication

concept, clay sculpting, mold making, casting

concept, planning, woodworking, cabinet making

concept, sculpting, mold making, casting

concept, leather working, costuming, armour 

concept, metal fabrication

concept design, life-size graphic panel

monitor visuals / heads-up-display

concept, set design

concept, graphics, application

3D modelling, 3D printing, metal casting/plating

concept, 3D modelling

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