Introducing INVICTVS; the result of 7 years of research, sketching and sculpting, of dreaming and imagineering. A work that on the surface manifests the beauty, richness and sophistication of Rome, but that also embodies the driving current that flowed behind the idea that was Rome - capturing the ambition, the passion, the conflicting ideals and the dangers that came with wanting control over the greatest Empire in the world.



INVICTVS was conceived and created by Artist and Designer Mark Stephens who combines a strong interest in classical history with a passion for shaping imagination into reality. The entirely original design, the character of the details, and the quality of the materials culminate in a luxurious masterpiece. INVICTVS pieces are crafted from bronze, exotic woods, english bridle leather, embroidered silk, silver, gold, and precious gemstones. The guiding drive throughout the work was that the end result must reflect, and be worthy of, a "Classical Emperor's commission"


Invictvs is a functional Work of Art. Infused with a large measure of gravitas and beauty, INVICTUS can stand as a work of art for art's sake. However, if a challenge appeals to the "armchair Emperor" that lives inside you, INVICTVS will provide an exciting premise. Set in Ancient Rome, up to six candidates assume personas from classical history and compete for ultimate control of the known world. Invictvs is the perfect venue for sharing and learning the rich and often violent history of Rome. The gameplay centres around obtaining control. The means to this end were then much as they are today; wealth, intelligence, information, alliances, negotiation, timing and illusion ... with a little bit of passion and deception thrown in to keep things on edge. From the Senate floor to the battlefield, players will compete for ascendancy to the Consul's chair. As Consul you will have the power to sway Rome to your will and set the stage for your place in the history of the Roman world.



Enter the classical arena where ambition knows no bounds, where dignitas is defended with steel, where life can be very grand . . . or very short.



The ambition to rule Rome is not for the timid. How would you have fared against the likes of Gaius Marius, a nobody at 47 who then became Consul of Rome an unprecedented 7 times;  against Sulla, who marched his army into Rome and appointed himself Dictator for Life;  against Julius Caesar, descended from Venus, who defeated Vercingtorix against all odds at the battle of Alesia and subdued all of Gaul (France);  against Octavian who as a mere youth out-maneuvered Marc Antony and Cleopatra to claim the title of Emperor. Would you have survived Rome’s female power brokers; Aurelia, Cornelia and Julia?



Invictvs honours Mars in its style and design, inspired from the same materials that his legions carried onto the battlefield. The bronze shield and leather scroll can be stowed in the luxurious chest that is sure to become the conversation piece of the Emperor’s battlefield command quarters.



Extreme care is taken in the selection of exotic woods for crafting of the Chest. Quality, density, and character of grain must be exceptional.

The arena that tests your acumen and scruples won’t be limited to any particular time period; The most illustrious names of classical times come alive at your command, and compete with one another in the same arena.



Bronze pieces are first sculpted to perfection by hand from clay. Molds are then made from the clay pieces for  replication in wax. The wax pieces are then encased with investment that will withstand the extreme heat of molten bronze.  "A simple way to explain the lost wax process is to say that that wax is melted from the investment leaving a cavity that exactly matches the original sculpture. Molten bronze is poured into the cavity which hardens almost instantly. The encasing material is broken away before the piece can be finished, and a patina applied."

“All pieces are completely original, conceived over many years of sketching and sculpting and made from materials that are in keeping with Classical times.”

Only the very best of materials are used in the pieces. Exotic woods, bronze, silver and gold as well as English bridle leather are all carved, sculpted, cast, patinated and stitched by hand. Emeralds give life to serpents eyes and rubies to medallions.”

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